Research at UofT Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The Research Committee continues is working on projects outlined in our Research Strategic Priority. 

The Research Committee

The Research Committee meets throughout the year to provide support for research communication, training, and collaboration within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

The overall goal of the Research Committee in alignment with the Research Strategic Priority is generating knowledge- and practice-changing studies of pressing (‘big’) questions in our field that draw upon and galvanize all resources across the Department. Thus, the overall objective of this group is nurturing collaborative research that expands knowledge and impacts practice. 

Membership reflects the heterogeneity of our Department, with cross-divisional and institutional representation, including faculty members, as well as residency and fellowship program representatives. The primary function of the Committee is the planning, organization, and execution of our annual Research Day

To enhance Resident research within the Department, the Research Committee, will work with the Residency Program  Committee to provide interactive Resident Research Proposal Presentation Sessions. These sessions, which are in keeping with current APOG guidelines, will enable the residents to present their research ideas to interested faculty and peers and receive constructive feedback to improve and/or refine their research. We will be running two preliminary sessions in the summer of 2014, and hope to incorporate these into the Academic Half-day schedule for next year. The committee will also work to implement directives stemming from the Department’s Strategic Plan. Workshops and sessions will bring together members from the many hospitals and institutions that make up our Department to discuss common clinical questions leading to collaborative research.  

Current Committee Projects

The Research Committee is working on several Department-wide projects and initiatives: 

  • Implementing and enhancing opportunities to promote trans-disciplinary research through Collaboration Corner and organized workshops; 
  • Establishing harmonized database platforms to facilitate cross-institutional studies;
  • Developing and promoting young clinical investigators in our Department through the establishment of an internal grant review committee and development of a "Women's Health Scientist Program"; 
  • Creating collaborative research around the Ontario Birth Study and Ontario Family Health Study  at the Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development. 

Supervising a graduate student or resident 

If you are a faculty member interested in supervising a resident or a graduate student, please review the FAQ for Research Supervisors.