Junior Promotions

The promotion process from Lecturer to Assistant Professor is an internal process. The Department Appointments Committee reviews faculty interested in being promoted to Assistant Professor based on the following criteria:

  1. Sustained commitment to recognized academic contributions to the Faculty of Medicine over a minimum of three years at the rank of Lecturer. Academic contributions should showcase impact, importance and innovation. Areas of recognized academic contribution include:
    1. Teaching - Participation in the mentorship and training of undergraduate and graduate trainees. Involvement in the design and development of curricula or educational offerings and/or in the development of education materials.
    2. Research - Leading and participating in research projects and grants. Publication of research work.
    3. Creative Professional Activity - Examples include the setting of practice standards. 
  2. Advanced  Education - accomplishing academic programs in the form of advanced degrees as well as professional continuing education programs will also be considered for promotion. In the case of continuing education programs, candidates will still need to demonstrate a sustained commitment to academic contributions.

Application for Junior Promotion - To apply for promotion to Assistant Professor, please include an academic activity record highlighting your sustained contribution to academic activity in addition to the documents required by the Faculty of Medicine.

For a comprehensive review of the promotions process at the Faculty of Medicine, please visit the Faculty's Appointments & Promotions webpage

For information regarding the promotions process, please contact obgyn.appointments@utoronto.ca.