The ObGyn Undergraduate Education Program spans all four years of the University of Toronto's MD Program. From learning about the pathophysiology of disease in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and its diagnosis and management; to learning about labour and delivery; to learning about women’s health care issues over the entire spectrum of their reproductive life – the learning never stops!

For more information regarding details of the University of Toronto's MD Program medical education curriculum, please visit the MD Program website found here.

If you are a current UofT MD Program student, please visit Elentra for detailed information.

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Observerships are arranged at the hospital teaching sites and have no University of Toronto status. If you are interested in an observership, please contact the hospital sites directly for information about potential opportunities.


Obstetrics and Gynaecology teaching is situated within the Life Cycle course (four-week duration).

The teaching methods include self-learning modules, lectures, clinical examination sessions, and small group case-based learning.

For more information regarding the Foundations Curriculum, please visit here.


The third-year clerkship rotation will give students an incredible opportunity to participate in women’s health care issues over the entire spectrum of their reproductive life. These issues include counselling women about their contraceptive choices, infertility, care during pregnancy, labour and delivery, complications in pregnancy, and benign or malignant gynecologic issues throughout the life span.

For detailed information for current MD Program students regarding the core Clerkship rotation in OBGYN (OBS310Y), please visit Elentra.

For general information regarding the MD Program Clerkship, please visit here.


Students interested in ObGyn as a career choice, as well as students interested in rounding out their knowledge and skill in women’s health care issues, are encouraged to explore our electives options. All applicants must adhere to the regulations for applications as outlined by the Undergraduate Electives Office.

Details may be found directly through the Electives Office.


Students in Year Four of the MD Program participate in the Transition to Residency course spanning approximately 14 weeks. Approximately 20-25 selective placements in the Department of ObGyn are available for students to choose.