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How to donate

Thank you very much for considering a gift to AMPATH-UofT. To make a gift online please click here to visit the University of Toronto Donations page. The University of Toronto is a registered non-profit organization and all donors to AMPATH-UofT will be sent a receipt for tax purposes for their donations.

What can your gift support? 

You have the power to make a difference in a woman’s future in Kenya. Money goes a long way to pay for care in Kenya. Your gift can increase the chances of a woman’s survival today! 

  • For $25 you can buy 5 women Pap smears
  • For $100 you could buy 5 women treatment before cervical abnormalities become cancer.
  • For $300 you could buy a woman the surgery she needs to be cured from early stage cervical cancer.

To discuss opportunities for giving and specific program needs, please contact:

Gabrielle Dang
Director of Development, Faculty of Medicine Office of Advancement

We are truly grateful for your support!