Get Involved


There are many opportunities to get involved in the AMPATH-Reproductive Health program and other global health activities. 

Get involved: Service and Patient care

Faculty, physicians, and other health care professionals assist in various capacity building placements at MUSOM and MTRH. To date, AMPATH-RH has benefited from the contributions of many contributors, both generalists and subspecialists alike, as well as those with varying experience and interest in research and education. There are many opportunities to become involved available at many differing degrees of participation.

Faculty and health care professionals interested in becoming involved in the program should email Joseph George, Administrator, Fellowships and Global Health.

Get involved: Education

University of Toronto Medical Students 

Opportunities are available for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate medical students to participate in research placements at Moi University through the MAA-CREMS International Health Summer Research Program Students can apply for this 10-12 week summer program and participate in a research placement in Eldoret. Applications are between November and January each academic year. Please click here for more information. 

Fourth-year undergraduate medical students can participate in a selective at Moi University. Interested students should contact the Electives Office at the UofT MD Program. Clinical Elective information can be found here. For general information on Electives outside of Canada for international students, please click here

You can also read reflections of medical students who have done their electives at Moi University! 

University of Toronto Residents 

Opportunities are available for residents to participate in three month-long, formal clinical elective at Moi University. Please find a copy of the Elective Description and the Application Form below. Students interested in conducting an elective in Eldoret should email Joseph George, Administrator, Fellowships and Global Health.

Elective information can be found here. Residents interested in doing clinical electives at Moi University should comply with UofT PGME guidelines for choosing electives

Public Health Students

Opportunities are available for MPH students to complete practicum placements and for PhD students to complete fieldwork at Moi University. MPH or PhD students interested in these opportunities in Eldoret should contact the Dalla Lana School of Public Health's Centre for Global Health.

Get involved: Research

Research plays a very significant role in the work of AMPATH. To learn more about existing research or to discuss a research idea you may have, please email us at