Faculty Development

Dr. Suzanne Wong, Director of Faculty Development, is working towards helping our faculty advance in their academic careers.

Dr. Suzanne Wong, along with Dr. Rory Windrim and the Continuing Professional & Faculty Development Committee, is working on introducing several initiatives for our faculty, in an effort to guide them in their professional careers and personal development. 

In addition to organizing the Faculty Professional Development Day, Dr. Wong has teamed up with Dr. Windrim to lead the Lifelong Learning strategic priority, one of the pillars of our Strategic Plan 2014-2019.

Current projects undertaken by Dr. Wong and the Committee include:

  • Promoting education scholarship and research;
  • Encouraging promotion based on excellence in teaching and creative professional activity; 
  • Organizing faculty development events for educational change projects; 
  • Creating a collaborative environment regarding planning of continuing professional and faculty development programs in the GTA and beyond; 
  • Introducing a Faculty Mentorship Program for junior faculty members; 
  • Promoting faculty mentoring, wellness, and advocacy; 
  • Promoting a culture change towards education innovation in learners, faculty members and other health professionals in the Department; 
  • Introducing pilot competency-based medical education (CBME) programs in several sub-specialties.