Assistant Professor

John Snelgrove

Maternal-Fetal Medicine


Headshot of Dr. John Snelgrove
Mount Sinai Hospital
Research Interests
socioeconomic status, population health, perinatal epidemiology
Clinical Interests
infertility/subfertility populations, Medical Disorders of Pregnancy
Appointment Status

Dr. John Snelgrove is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine obstetrician at Mount Sinai Hospital. He is a Clinician Investigator at Sinai Health System and the University of Toronto. Clinical areas of interest include maternal disorders in pregnancy and obstetrical care provision for the infertility/subfertility population. Dr. Snelgrove’s research interests are in perinatal epidemiology, and the effects of social disadvantage on obstetric and child health outcomes. His research methodologies include growth curve and mixed effects modelling and survival analysis.

Research Synopsis

Dr. Snelgrove's research can be found under the citation Snelgrove JW.