Research Day 2016

Once again, the Department hosted a successful Research Day, on Friday, May 13th, the 33rd annual event. In addition, we invited participants from Wayne State University to join us on May 12th for Wayne State University Collaboration Day. Both events took place at Victoria University in the University of Toronto, and were very well attended. Over 350 people registered and 121 abstracts were submitted across both days. A maximum of 7.0 Royal College credits in continuing medical education were available for full-day attendance on Research Day.

Below is a list of the poster presentations, oral presentations, and presentations from Collaboration Corner.

Collaboration Corner
Oral Presentations
Poster Presentations
Poster Group A - Education & Quality Improvement I
Poster Group B - Education & Quality Improvement II
Poster Group C - Placenta I
Poster Group D - Placenta II
Poster Group E - Gynaecologic Oncology I
Poster Group F - Gynaecologic Oncology II
Poster Group G - Maternal Fetal Medicine I
Poster Group H -Maternal Fetal Medicine II
Poster Group I - Reproductive Endocrinology + Infertility I
Poster Group J - Stem Cell Biology
Poster Group K - Gynaecology
Poster Group L - Reproductive Endocrinology + Infertility II
Poster Group M - Reproductive Endocrinology + Infertility III
Poster Group N - Labour
Poster Group P - Obstetrics


Collaboration Corner

CC1: Obesity in Pregnancy: A Review of ACOG, RANZCOG, RCOG and SOGC, Guidelines

Dana Vitner, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Toronto
Cynthia Maxwell, Mount Sinai Hospital
Dan Farine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Toronto

CC2: The Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship Society: Growing a Culture of Stewards in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Vanessa Zannella, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Toronto
Ali Damji, Mount Sinai Hospital
Antonio Lee, Mount Sinai Hospital
Sarah Silverberg, Mount Sinai Hospital
Jeremy Gross, Mount Sinai Hospital
Alainna Jamal , Mount Sinai Hospital
Samantha Dunnigan, Mount Sinai Hospital
Alvin Szeto, Other
Dhruvin Hirpara, Mount Sinai Hospital
Omar Mourad , Mount Sinai Hospital
Andrew Morris , Faculty, Mount Sinai Hospital
Mark Yudin, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Toronto

CC3: Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury (OASIS): Pre-training baseline data on incidence and risk factors from 18 Hospitals across the Greater Toronto Area​

Marian Leung, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Toronto
Loralei De Guia, St Michael's Hospital
Leanne De Souza, St Michael's Hospital
Cathy Yang, Other
Jon Barrett, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Howard Berger, St Michael's Hospital
Andrea Lausman, St Michael's Hospital
Michael Geary, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Toronto

CC4: Research in Progress: Intrapartum GBS Screening using a Rapid Point-of-Care test in Western Kenya​

Julie Wright, University of Toronto
Kevin Kain, University of Toronto
Astrid Christoffersen-Deb, University of Toronto
Rachel Spitzer, University of Toronto
David Aronoff, Other
Caitlin Parks, Other
Saudah Farooqui, Other
Julia Songok, Other



(1) Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology University of Toronto 

(4) St. Michael’s Hospital 

(7) Department of Physiology University of Toronto 

(2) Other 

(5) Mount Sinai Hospital 

(8) Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

(3) Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute 

(6) Hospital for Sick Children 

(9) University Health Network

Oral Presentations

O1: Chromosomal microarray as a first tier test following diagnostic prenatal procedures, the Toronto Mount Sinai hospital experience. 

Nada Alayed (1), Nan Okun (1), Karen Chong (1), Adbul Noor (1), David Chitayat (2), Elena Kolomietz (2) 

O2: Effectiveness of the Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (QHV) Against Anogenital Warts (AGWs) in Manitoba, Canada: a Population-based Study 

Karla Willows (1), Songul Bozat-Emre (2), Erich Kliewer (2) Salah Mahmud (2) 

O3: Ceramide Augments BOK-Induced Mitochondrial Fission in Preeclampsia 

Jonathan Ausman (3), Isabella Caniggia (3) 

O4: Selecting Performance Indicators for Maternity Care in a Circumpolar Context: A Modified Delphi Approach 

Rebecca Rich (1), Susan Chatwood (2), Thomsen D'Hont (2), Janice Linton (2) Jeremy Veillard (2) Kellie Murphy (5) 

O5: Overexpression of Trophoblast Stem Cell-Enriched microRNAs Promote Trophoblast Fate in Embryonic Stem Cells 

Ursula Nosi (7), Brian Cox (7) 

O6: The Development of a Retroperitoneal Dissection Model 

Aisha Yousuf (1), Abheha Satkunaratnam (4), Helena Frecker (1), Eliane Shore (4) 

O7: Progesterone (P4) Paradoxically Promotes Myometrial Gap Junction Coupling through its PRA isoform 

Lubna Nadeem (3) 

O8: Does Medical Pre-treatment of Fibroids with Ulipristal Acetate affect the Surgical Experience at Myomectomy? 

Marta Wais (1), Sabrina Lee (1), Grace Liu (1), Alice Pham (1), Melissa Tai (1), Ally Murji (5) 

O9: Association of newborn brain MRI with fetal hemodynamics and neurodevelopment in late-onset intrauterine growth restriction 

Meng Yuan Zhu (6), An Qi Duan (6), Prashob Porayette (6), Brahmdeep Saini (6), Jessie Mei Lim (7), Natasha Milligan (5), Sharon Portnoy (6), John Sled (2), Edmond Kelly (5), Christopher Macgowan (6), John Kingdom (1), Mike Seed (6)

O10: Simulator Based Obstetric Ultrasound Training: A Prospective Randomized Single-Blinded Study

Hadar Rosen (5), Stefania Ronzoni (1), Lara Gotha (1), Yee Man Lee (5), Sev Perelman (5), Rory Windrim (1)

O11: Transgenerational Programming of Transcription in the Hypothalamic Paraventricular Nucleus (PVN) by Glucocorticoids

Andrea Constantinof (7), Vasilis Moisiadis (7), Alisa Kostaki (7), Stephen Matthews (7)

O12: Prioritization of Patients for IVF Funding in Ontario

Tom Gotz (1), Claire Jones (1)

O13: Directed Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Renal Progenitors

Theresa Chow (3), Jennifer Whiteley (1), Andras Nagy (1), Ian Rogers (1)

O14: Effect of Kenya’s Policy of Free Maternity Services on Outcomes of Women with Pre-Eclampsia/Eclampsia at a Large Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kenya

Julie Thorne (1), Wycliffe Kosgei (2), Caitlin Parks (2), Heather Millar (1), Vincent Kibet (2), Johanna Sitters (2), Joy Marsha (2), Christian Bernard (2), Julia Songok (2), Astrid Christoffersen-Deb (1)


Poster Group A - Education & Quality Improvement I

A1: Survey of Canadian PGY-4 and PGY-5 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Residents on Knowledge of and Exposure to Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Radomir Jarcevic (5), Lindsay Shirreff (1), Wendy Wolfman (1), Marie Christakis (1)

A2: Resident Perceptions of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Handover at the University of Toronto

Helena Frecker (1), Deborah Robertson (1)

A3: Obstetrics AND Gynaecology Career Choices – The Impact of Mentorship

Brian Liu (1), Leslie Po (1), Donna Steele (1), Rose Kung (1), Jamie Kroft (8), Herb Wong (1), Grace Liu (1)

A4: APOG Project to Determine Readiness and Needs for Implementation of a Competency-Based Residency Curriculum (CBRC) in Canadian OBGYN Programs 

Evan Tannenbaum (1), Nicolette Caccia (1), Sharon Dore (2), Taryn Taylor (2) , Margaret Sagle (2), Nancy Kent (2) 

A5: Teaching Laparoscopic Knot Tying to Medical Students 

Heather Shapiro (1), Daniel Axelrod (1), Crystal Chan (1) 

A6: Quality Assessment: Utilization and Documentation of the Bishop Score at the Time of Induction of Labour 

Nicole Gibbings (8), Jon Barrett (8), Howard Cohen (8), Dini Hui (8), Noor Ladhani (1), Nir Melamed (8), Ori Nevo (8), Anne Berndl (8)


Poster Group B - Education & Quality Improvement II 

B1: Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery in Canada: A Survey of Obstetrician-Gynaecologists and Urologists 

Marie Christakis (1), Eliane Shore (4), Colleen McDermott (1) 

B2: Patient Knowledge Regarding Prenatal Screening Options for Trisomy 21: a Canadian Hospital’s Experience 

Michal Sheinis (1), Kira Bensimon (1), Amanda Selk (5) 

B3: A Survey of Medical Students and a Narrative Review of Current Antimicrobial Stewardship training in Medical Education 

Vanessa Zannella (1), Sarah Silverberg (5), Jeremy Gross (5), Alvin Szeto (2), Samantha Dunnigan (5), Dhruvin Hirpara (5), Omar Mourad (5), Alainna Jamal (5), Antonio Lee (5), Ali Damji (5), Andrew Morris (5), Marcus Law (10), Mark Yudin (1) 

B4: A Greater Toronto Area (GTA-OBS) Network Standardized Protocol for the Prevention of Preterm Birth 

Noelle Ma (1), Marie Czikk (1), Noor Ladhani (1), Gareth Seaward (1), Jon Barrett (8), Nan Okun (1) 

B5: Quality Improvement Initiative: Evaluation of Postpartum Pain and Quality of Recovery 

Julia Ma (4), Michael Geary (1), Faraj Abdallah (4) 


Poster Group C - Placenta I 

C1: Augmented Trophoblast Cell Death in Preeclampsia Can Proceed via Ceramide-Mediated Necroptosis 

Liane Bailey (1), Isabella Caniggia (3) 

C2: Disruption of JMJD6-mediated Histone Demethylation of VHL in Preeclampsia 

Sruthi Alahari (7), Isabella Caniggia (3)

C3: An International Consensus Statement on Invasive Placentation Produced by a Modified Delphi Method

Cheyanne Reed (8), Alex Kiss (8), Arthur Zaltz (1), Elaine Herer (1), Rory Windrim (5), Gareth Seaward (1), John Kingdom (1), Lisa Allen (5), Daniela Carusi (2), John Kachura (9), Jeannie Callum (8), Stephen Halpern (8), George Saade (2), Amarnath Bhide (2), Jose Carvalho (5), Nir Melamed (8), Jon Barrett (8)

C4: Prolyl hydroxylase domain protein-2 (PHD2) disruption impairs HIF1A-TGFbeta3 axis in murine placenta

Julien Sallais (3), Isabella Caniggia (3)

C5: Morphology and Growth of the Uteroplacental Vasculature in Mice Demonstrates Hemodynamic Specialization During Pregnancy

Monique Rennie (6), Kathie Whiteley (3), Lee Adamson (1), John G. Sled (6)

C6: Decidua-driven Differentiation of Angiogenic Phenotype in Second Trimester Peripheral Blood Neutrophils from Healthy and Preeclamptic Women

Melissa Kwan (7), Caroline Dunk (3), Mark Kibschull (1), Hagai Amsalem (2), Rebecca Jones (2), Lynda Harris (2), Stephen Lye (3)


Poster Group D - Placenta II

D1: Low-molecular weight heparin acutely modifies endothelial function in pregnant women at high-risk of developing preeclampsia

Kelsey McLaughlin (5), Dora Baczyk (3), Audrey Potts (3), Michelle Hladunewich (8), John Parker (5), John Kingdom (1)

D2: Dynamically Regulated Trophoblast Subpopulations Isolated from Early Human Placenta

Frances Wong (7), Brian Cox (7)

D3: Evaluating the Transplacental Transfer of Apixaban using a Dually Perfused Isolated Human Placental Lobule

Priya Bapat (2), Howard Berger (4), Gideon Koren (6), Shinya Ito (6)

D4: Non-Invasive In-Vivo Assessment of Placental Oxygen Transport Using MRI

Brahmdeep Saini (6), Meng Yuan Zhu (6), Sharon Portnoy (6), Prashob Porayette (6), Jessie Mei Lim (7), An Qi Duan (6), Rachel Wald (9), Christopher Macgowan (6), Rory Windrim (1), John Kingdom (1), Mike Seed (6)

D5: The Role of Acid Sphingomyelinase in Murine Placental Development

Isidora Rovic (7)

D6: Preeclampsia is Associated with Impaired Coordination between CD56+ Uterine NK and Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells

Jianhong Zhang (3), Caroline Dunk (3), Stephen Lye (3) 


Poster Group E - Gynaecologic Oncology I 

E1: Is Adjuvant Treatment Beneficial For Surgical Stage I Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma? 

Liat Hogen (1), Marcus Bernardini (1), Dina Bassiouny (2), Al Covens (1), Lilian Gien (1), Barry Rosen (9), Lisa Le (9), Danielle Vicus (1) 

E2: The Impact of Pre-Operative CT Imaging on the Management of Patients Diagnosed with High Grade Endometrial Cancer 

Serina Dai (1), Samar Nahas (11), Taymaa May (1), Joan Murphy (1), Tomer Feigenberg (1) 

E3: Differential Gene Expression in Cultured Fallopian Tube Epithelial Cells Associated with BRCA1 or BRCA2 Mutation Status and Follicular Fluid Exposure 

Julia Hollingsworth (3), Angela Lau (7), Carl Virtanen (2), Alexandra Kollara (1), Lisa Allen (5), Terry Colgan (5), Valerie Dube (8), Barry Rosen (9), Joan Murphy (1), Ellen Greenblatt (1), Tomer Feigenberg (1), Alicia Tone (9), Theodore Brown (1) 

E4: BRCA1 expression affects cell aggregation, adhesion, migration and glucocorticoid responses in a high-grade serous ovarian cancer cell line 

Mariah Colussi (7), Alexandra Kollara (1), Vladimir Djedovic (1), Theodore Brown (1) 

E5: Ventricular Zone Expressed Pleckstrin Homology Domain Homolog 1 (VEPH1) Modulation of Androgen Signaling in Ovarian Cancer Cells. 

Premalatha Shathasivam (1), Alexandra Kollara (1), Theodore Brown (1) 


Poster Group F - Gynaecologic Oncology II 

F1: Fertility-Sparing Surgery for the Management of Young Women with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Cervix: a Case Series 

Genevieve Bouchard-Fortier (1), Raymond Kim (9), Blaise Clarke (9), Abha Gupta (9), Taymaa May (1)

F2: HPV Vaccination in Male Physicians: A pilot study of gynaecologists and otolaryngology surgeons’ attitudes towards HPV vaccination

Michael Secter (1), Sarah Chauvin (1), Amanda Selk (5)

F3: Is it PRA or PRB Dominant? Prognostic Potential of Progesterone Receptor Positive Breast Tumours

Justin Rondeau (7), Lubna Nadeem (3), Stephen Lye (3)

F4: The Influence of Physical Activity in the Progression of Ovarian Cancer in Mice

Rosanne McQuaid (7), Jacqueline Graham (7), Igor Jurisica (9), Andrea Jurisicova (3)

F5: Value of 18F-FDG PET/CT in patients with recurrent gynaecologic malignancies prior to radical surgery

Harry Brar (1), Taymaa May (1)


Poster Group G - Maternal Fetal Medicine I

G1: Does gestational diabetes affect fetal growth and pregnancy outcome in twin pregnancies?

Carly Tward (8), Jon Barrett (8), Howard Berger (4), Mia Kibel (8), Alex Pittini (8)

G2: Efficacy of rescue cerclage in twin pregnancies

Nimrah Abbasi (1), Nir Melamed (8), Jon Barret (8)

G3: Correlation of Estimated Fetal Weight with Neonatal Weight in Infants Born at Borderline Viability

Stephanie Hughes (1), Julie Nguyen (1), Jon Barrett (8), Noor Ladhani (1) 

G4: Suboptimal PN Vitamin D levels in early pregnancy predict a higher glucose response to OGCT challenge in 2nd trimester (between 24-28 weeks)

Salma Bedair (4), Christine Derzko (1)

G5: Sonographic Factors Distinguishing Late Intrauterine Growth Restriction from Late Small for Gestational Age Fetuses

Alex Pittini (8), Jon Barrett (8), John Kingdom (1), Nir Melamed (8)


Poster Group H - Maternal Fetal Medicine II

H1: Induction of labour versus caesarean section for twin pregnancy: A secondary analysis of the Twin Birth Study

Elad Mei-dan (1), Nir Melamed (8), Elizabeth Asztalos (8), Andrew Willan (6), Jon Barrett (8)

H2: Differences in Umbilical Cord Gas Values in Neonates of Mothers with SCD in Comparison to Neonates of Non-Affected Mothers

Patrina Cheung (1), Nadine Shehata (5), Kellie Murphy (5), Ann Malinowski (1)

H3: Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Pregnancies Complicated by Bone and Soft-Tissue Tumors: A 10-Year Retrospective Cohort Study 

Jacqueline Parrish (1), Hythem Al-Sum (1), Jay Wunder (2), Cynthia Maxwell (5) 

H4: Preliminary Investigation of the Utility of MRI for Measuring the Hematocrit in Fetal Anemia 

An Qi Duan (6), Johannes Keunen (1), Sharon Portnoy (6), Meng Yuan Zhu (6), Prashob Porayette (6), Christopher Macgowan (6), Mike Seed (6) 

H5: De novo 2p14 microdeletion supports a novel microdeletion syndrome and narrows the critical region 

Lih Yeen Tan (1), Kathryn Millar (5), Maian Roifman (5)


Poster Group I - Reproductive Endocrinology + Infertility I 

I1: Is Endometrial Thickness on Transvaginal Ultrasound Associated with Pregnancy Outcome in Gonadotropin- Stimulated Intrauterine Insemination Cycles? 

Yiwen Liu (5), Crystal Chan (1) 

I2: Functional Analysis Using Angiogenic Potency Assays Reveals Superior Angiogenic Potential of First Trimester Human Umbilical Cord Perivascular Cells 

Farwah Iqbal (7), Peter Szaraz (7), Jun Wu (9), Andree Gauthier-Fisher (12), Ren Ke Li (9), Clifford Librach (1) 

I3: Effect of Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index on the Human Embryo Aneuploidy Rate 

Katelynn Tang (1), Itai Gat (1), Valeriy Kuznyetsov (2), Rina Abramov (2), Ran Antes (2), Sergey Moskovtsev (1), Clifford Librach (1) 

I4: Evaluating diagnostic accuracy of transvaginal sonography & saline infusion sonohysterography in detecting uterine abnormalities in sub-fertile women 

WanLi Zhou (1), Ekaterina Shlush (2), Clifford Librach (1), Prati Sharma (1) 

I5: Do women with polycystic ovarian syndrome and advanced reproductive age have a higher pregnancy rate than age matched controls using assisted reproduction 

Leyla Eryuzlu (1), Ekaterina Shlush (1), Clifford Librach (1), Prati Sharma (1) 

I6: Using next generation sequencing to phenotype CD90+VE human testicular cells expanded in two SSC culture conditions 

Itai Gat (1), Leila Maghen (2), Melissa Filice (2), Keith Jarvi (5), Kirk Lo (5), Andree Gauthier-Fisher (12), Clifford Librach (1)


Poster Group J - Stem Cell Biology

J1: Combined cell and gene therapy towards the treatment of age-related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy

Sabiha Hacibekiroglu (3), Iacovos Michael (3), Nikolaos Mitrousis (2), Peter Westenskow (2), Brian Ballios (2), Jingsheng Tuo (2), Chi-Chao Chan (2), Martin Friedlander (2), Derek van der Kooy (2), Molly Shoichet (2), Andras Nagy (1)

J2: Identification And Targeting Of A Tightly-Controlled, Highly-Activatable, Doxycycline-Inducible Genomic Locus

Qin Liang (3), Claudio Monetti (3), Peter Tonge (9), Iacovos Michael (2), Andras Nagy (1)

J3: Development of Mice with Personalized Immune Systems using Thymic Epithelial Progenitors Differentiated from iPSCs

Huijuan Yang (3), Ian Rogers (1), Andras Nagy (1)

J4: First trimester umbilical cord perivascular cells exhibit MMP mediated injury-induced invasion in vitro and superior in vivo tissue remodelling post m

Peter Szaraz (7), Alexandra Lucato (2), Farwah Iqbal (7), Matthew Librach (2), Shu-Hong Li (9), Andree Gauthier-Fisher (12), Ren Ke Li (9), Clifford Librach (1)

J5: Development of Local Acting Biologics for Combined Cell and Gene Therapy to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Eric Neely (3), Andras Nagy (1)

J6: Extracellular Vesicles Derived from First Trimester Umbilical Cord Perivascular Cells: A Potential Non-Cell Source for Regenerative Therapy

Kathryn Lye (2), Paula Mackie (1), Peter Szaraz (7), Shlomit Kenigsberg (2), Andree Gauthier-Fisher (12), Clifford Librach (1)


Poster Group K - Gynaecology 

K1: Patients’ Perspectives on Vaginal Mesh Use in Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery prior to and after Initial Medical Consultation 

Adrienne Li (1), Patricia Lee (8) 

K2: Understanding Pre-operative Staging and Surgical Practice in Advanced Endometriosis 

Andra Nica (1), Jamie Kroft (8), Amanda Selk (5), Grace Liu (1) 

K3: Does Ulipristal Acetate objectively affect surgical experience at laparoscopic myomectomy? 

Lea Luketic (1), Lindsay Shirreff (1), Sari Kives (4), Grace Liu (1), Ally Murji (5), Nicholas Leyland (2), Jonathon Solnik (5) 

K4: A retrospective look at the use and safety of tranexamic acid in an adolescent population 

Noor Zwayne (6), Sari Kives (4), Lisa Allen (5) 

K5: Estrogen vs. Conservative Therapy for Labial Agglutination in Prepubertal Girls 

Jasmine Multani (1), Sari Kives (4), Lisa Allen (1) 

K6: Local Estrogen Therapy Modifies Estracellular Matrix Proteins and Immune Response in Vaginal Tissue of Postmenopausal Women with Pelvic Organ Prolapse 

Tanya Tyagi (7), Yvonne Leong (1), May Alarab (5), Harold Drutz (1), Stephen Lye (3), Oksana Shynlova (3) 


Poster Group L - Reproductive Endocrinology + Infertility II 

L1: Differential Access to Fertility Services Among Immigrant Women in Toronto 

Pavan Gill (1), Crystal Chan (1), Charlotte Axelrod (5), Michelle Shin (5), Heather Shapiro (1) 

L2: Validation of an NGS Platform for the Assessment of Aneuploidy in IVF Embryos 

Xu (Buddy) Bao (1), Simon Alfred (2), Andree Gauthier-Fisher (12) 

L3: Use of Lean Principles to Improve the Morning Monitoring Process at an Academic Fertility Clinic: Interim Results 

Shannon Moore (1), Rebecca Arthur (1) 

L4: Expression of Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor (LIFRα) in Human Luteinized Granulosa Cells is Associated with Ovarian Reserve 

Prem Nichani (1), Shlomit Kenigsberg (2), Peter Szaraz (7), Tal Lazer (2), Jennifer Power (2), Andree Gauthier-Fisher (12), Clifford Librach (1)

L5: Umbilical Cord Perivascular Cells Maintain Mesenchymal Stromal Characteristics After Cyclophosphamide Rx. Promising Cell for Gonadotoxicity Prevention

Khaled Zohni (1), Melissa Felice (2), Peter Szaraz (7), Itai Gat (1), Andree Gauthier-Fisher (12), Clifford Librach (1)


Poster Group M - Reproductive Endocrinology + Infertility III

M1: Multifetal reduction of triplets to twins compared to non-reduced twins: a meta-analysis.

Yaniv Zipori (1), Eran Barzilay (4), Jigal Haas (2), Howard Berger (4)

M2: A systematic review of studies on sperm telomere length (spTL) and male fertility demonstrates the impact of study design on final results

Pamela Kurjanowicz (7), Sergey Moskovtsev (1), Clifford Librach (1)

M3: Oocyte-specific Pdss2 deficiency leads to embryo developmental arrest and alterations in mitochondrial content and function

Kyunga Kim (7), Andrea Jurisicova (3)

M4: A Novel Protocol for Isolating and Evaluating Intact Extracellular Vesicles from Seminal Fluid and other Protein-Rich, Viscous Biological Samples

Justin Wang (2), Paula Mackie (1), Sergey Moskovtsev (1), Clifford Librach (1)


Poster Group N - Labour

N1: Outcomes of Pregnancies Complicated by Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes Before 24 Weeks of Gestation

Mia Kibel (8), Elizabeth Asztalos (8), Jon Barrett (8), Carly Tward (8), Alex Pittini (8), Nir Melamed (8)

N2: Transgenerational Epigenetic Programming in the Hippocampus By Antenatal Glucocorticoids

Vasilis Moisiadis (7), Andrea Constantinof (7), Stephen Matthews (7)

N3: Baseline Data of Shoulder Dystocia and Brachial Plexus Injury across Greater Toronto Area Hospitals prior to commencing a Simulation Training Program

Loralei De Guia (4), Michael Geary (1), Leanne De Souza (4), Tatiana Freire-Lizama (1), Sharon Adams (4), Howard Berger (4), Jon Barrett (8), Rory Windrim (5)

N4: Cesarean delivery for failure to progress in nulliparae undergoing induction of labor: is the lenght of labor affected by maternal Body Mass Index?

Stefania Ronzoni (1), Hadar Rosen (1), Dan Farine (1), Cynthia Maxwell (5)

N5: Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Cytokines Produced by Human Myometrial Cells Are Altered by Probiotic Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GR-1 Supernatant

Bona Kim (7), Oksana Shynlova (3), Stephen Lye (3)


Poster Group P - Obstetrics 

P1: Reproductive Outcomes in Women with Bladder Exstrophy 

Amanda Kung (8), Rose Kung (1) 

P2: Prevalence of Postpartum Anxiety and Depression in Women Who Unsuccessfully Breastfeed: A Pilot Study 

Sarah Silverberg (5), Amanda Selk (5) 

P3: Do we effectively prevent maternal to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV virus – a comprehensive systematic review of the literature 

Gali Pariente (1), Alexandra Carls (6), Tom Leibson (6), Irena Nulman (6), Gideon Koren (6), Howard Berger (4), Shinya Ito (6) 

P4: Episiotomy – a survey of technique, management and education in the GTA 

Rebecca Menzies (1), Marian Leung (1), Nirmala Chandrasekaran (4), Andrea Lausman (4), Michael Geary (1) 

P5: Comparative Characteristics of Myometrial and Decidual Chemokines Responsible for the Infiltration of Peripheral Leukocytes during Human Labour 

Tali Farine (7), Caroline Dunk (3), Oksana Shynlova (3), Stephen Lye (3)