Jun 3, 2020

UofT ObGyn Releases Statement of Solidarity to Our Community

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are reaching out to all of you during these challenging times. As we continue to work our way through the pandemic and impact it has had on each of us, our patients and families, we are now confronted with the recent tragic events and acts of racism both in the United States and right here in our own city.

We urge you to read the communication from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Trevor Young, as well as the Associate Dean, Inclusion and Diversity, Dr. Lisa Robinson entitled: “In Adversity, We Show Our Strength.” We also share the attached “Resisting Anti-Blackness”, a message from the Office of Inclusion and Diversity, Faculty of Medicine.

In ObGyn, when we support the health and welfare of women, we make vital space for the empowerment and success of those same women in a patriarchal society; when we provide affirming care to trans and nonbinary people, we celebrate the full spectrum of gender identity while countering transphobia; when we commit to strong advocacy for the health of women in marginalized communities on Turtle Island and across the world, we are joining in the fight against the long shadow of racism and colonialism.

To the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour members of our community: we see you, and we stand beside you in these tumultuous times. Through supporting each other we will grow stronger as an ObGyn community.


Cindy Maxwell MD, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Salvo Candela, Business Manager
Suzanne Wong MD, Director, Faculty Development
John Kingdom MD, Chair
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
University of Toronto