Oct 12, 2023

Dr. Jamie Kroft named president of CanSAGE

Dr. Kroft will serve a two-year term as president of the society

Dr. Jamie Kroft

Dr. Jamie Kroft has been elected president of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Gynaecologic Excellence (CanSAGE), which promotes standards of excellence in the diagnosis and management of complex gynaecologic conditions. Kroft, an associate professor in our Department, will serve a two-year term as president of the organization.

For years, Kroft has been an active member of CanSAGE, which was founded in 2015 by a group of minimally invasive gynaecologic surgeons with the aim of ensuring quality education, providing a national forum to promote research, and promoting ways to improve patient care.

Now, Kroft is eager to help the society continue its rapid growth.

“CanSAGE is a young society that has already grown so much in recent years, so this is a really exciting time to step into this role as president and get the opportunity to help shape the future of the society,” Kroft says.

CanSAGE now has more than 300 members across the country. In addition to holding an annual clinical conference, the society also hosts educational events and webinars, provides support for fellowship programs, and offers access to educational member videos highlighting surgical foundations and techniques through the CanSAGE video library.

As president, Kroft’s goals include:

  • refining accreditation standards for MIGS fellowships to ensure programs are meeting core curriculum requirements, before eventually accrediting new fellowships
  • supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives both within the society’s membership and beyond, to ultimately help underrepresented patients and regions of the country to receive equitable care
  • partnering with endometriosis advocacy organizations and patient groups to increase awareness, education, and advocacy around endometriosis

“Overall, our goal is to increase awareness for gynaecologic surgery and gynaecologic conditions for patients across the country,” Kroft said.