Faculty Professional Development Day

Self-Regulation and Reflective Practice: Impact on Lifelong Learning in Health Professions Education


This 2017 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Faculty Professional Development Day is a half day event which explores a number of topics relevant to faculty academic roles and career development.  Topics covered include self-regulated learning, reflective practice, competency-based medical education, feedback, senior promotion, assessing research productivity, optimizing undergraduate teaching effectiveness, and undergraduate medical education innovation.


After participation in this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize concepts related to self-regulation, self-directed and life-long learning in health professions education.
  2. Apply a model of reflective practice.
  3. Conduct an assessment of personal knowledge gaps and learning needs in order to fulfill the mandate of CBME as a teacher
  4. Illustrate potential approaches to giving effective feedback for lifelong learning
  5. Determine which of their activities support promotion in the areas of teaching, research and creative professional activity (CPA)
  6. Discuss approaches one can take to increase the impact of their research communications
  7. Discuss how to seek and utilize feedback to improve teaching
  8. Recognize the recent changes to the MD program curriculum




Dr. Ryan Brydges will be providing the plenary lecture “Emphasizing Self or Regulation in Self-Regulated Learning”. This lecture will go through Dr. Brydges’ research program on self-regulated learning in the healthcare simulation training setting. He will demonstrate the relative value of emphasizing ‘self' vs. emphasizing ‘regulation’ in how we understand the lifelong learning of ourselves and our trainees.

Small Group Sessions 1 :    13:50 – 15:00  

Dr. Marie Czikk’s session entitled “Reflective Practice in OBGYN” has the objective of creating a space for discussion on reflective practice to improve our skills both in our own clinical work and in medical education.

Dr. Lisa Allen will facilitate the workshop on “Choices in Senior Promotion: An Area of Excellence and Career Direction”. The criteria for senior promotion in teaching, research and creative professional activity will be reviewed. This session will also discuss how to choose an area of excellence and how to make career decisions that build successfully to promotion to associate and full professor.


Dr. Rajiv Shah will provide the session “From OP to OA: Making the Right Turn in Undergraduate Education.” The first two years of the MD Program, traditionally called the pre-clerkship, have been redesigned into the Foundations Curriculum. The new program was launched for students entering the U of T MD Program in the 2017-2018 academic year. Foundations features a highly integrated curriculum with clinical content from the beginning of medical school, early exposure to patients and the community setting, extensive use of online materials to support learning, and an assessment program designed to support learning. The goal of this session is for faculty to gain knowledge on the design of the new curriculum and their changing role within it.  


Dr. Richard Pittini will provide an interactive workshop on “Optimizing you Undergraduate Teaching Effectiveness” outlining how students evaluate their teachers,  how to seek and utilize feedback to improve teaching, and acquire practical techniques by reviewing practices of exemplary teachers.


Small Group Sessions 2:   15:15 – 16:30


Dr. Michele Farrugia’s workshop on “Developing Cultural Competence in CBME: Decoding Concepts and Acronyms” will discuss the basic principles behind Competency Based Medical Education, outline the approach of the RCPSC to CBME in Canada, and specifically discuss the plans for implementation of CBME in Obstetrics & Gynecology. There will be opportunity for participants to provide input into implementation strategies at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Dini Hui’s Feedback worship “Feedback: A Give and Take Relationship” will help participants recognize the importance, challenges and barriers of giving and receiving feedback, and will illustrate potential approaches to giving effective feedback for lifelong learning.

Dr. Ted Brown’s session “Assessing Research Productivity: Publications and the H-Factor” will familiarize participants on ways research productivity is assessed by grant reviewers and promotions committees and discuss ways to increase the impact of our publications. Assessment of productivity is an integral criterion of the faculty promotions process and is an important element in the review of grant proposals.  We will discuss current approaches used to assess research productivity, including author metrics such as the H-index. We will then open the forum to all participants to discuss approaches that are taken to increase the impact of their publications and improve their H-index.

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