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Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto 
123 Edward St., suite 1200
Toronto, ON M5G 1E2
Phone: (416) 978-2216

Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM

Department Office  


Dr. John Kingdom Chair (416) 978-2668
Salvo Candela Business Manager (416) 978-8351
Irisz Paupera Executive Assistant (416) 978-2668

Academic Appointments
& Promotions Administrator

Nicole Patton Communications and Events Assistant (416) 978-2216

Postgraduate Program

Dr. Richard Pittini Vice-Chair, Education (416) 946-0306
Dr. Michèle Farrugia Residency Program Director (416) 978-6830
Jill Tomac Residency Program Officer (416) 978-6830

Joseph George

Program Administrator, Education and Global Health

(416) 946-0306

Undergraduate Program

Dr. Dini Hui Undergraduate Program Director (416) 946-8415 
Jeannette Moniz Undergraduate Program Coordinator (416) 946-0305

Research Program

Dr. Mark Yudin Clinical Research Director (416) 978-8433

For general inquiries, please contact us at

Got news? Email us your stories at  


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