Network Structure

The GTA-OBS Network has selected an Executive Committee, who will take the responsibility of suggesting research questions, fostering collaboration, promoting membership, and tracking success and progress. The Executive will also be responsible for creating sub-groups which will take shared responsibility to ensure successful completion of projects in a timely manner. The full Network will meet twice a year, while the executive committee and the sub-committees will meet regularly.

For full Network meetings, members will share accountability for hosting and coordinating regular meetings, based on a rotating schedule developed at the beginning of each year. The host of each session will be responsible for disseminating invitations, setting the meeting agenda, ensuring participants are briefed to be able to address the topic areas for that meeting, and creating summary notes.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members

  • Jon Barrett – Chair
  • Elizabeth Asztalos - Neonatal Representative (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
  • Howard Berger – Teaching Hospital Representative (St. Michael’s Hospital)
  • Adrian Brown – Community Hospital Representative (North York General Hospital)
  • Michael Geary - Lead for Obstetrics on Quality & Safety Committee (University of Toronto)
  • Ronald Heslegrave - Ethics Advisor (Mount Sinai Hospital)
  • Terry Logaridis – Community Hospital Representative (Rogue Valley)
  • Peter Scheufler – Community Hospital Representative (Trillium Health Partners)
  • Gareth Seaward – University of Toronto Representative & Vice-Chair of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Anne Sprague, Better Outcome Registry and Network (BORN) Liason & Research Coordinator

Network responsibilities

The Network will be responsible for:

  • Organizing structured meetings for collective discussion of questions pertinent to high quality practice of obstetrics to improve practice, develop shared guidelines and spark research collaborations;
  • Organizing stronger connections between obstetricians practicing in academic and community hospitals to advance practices and processes, with the goal of improving quality and seamlessness of care;
  • Identifying quality and outcome improvement measurements and setting of targets which the Obstetrics community will aim to achieve;
  • Creating opportunities for all members (academic and community hospitals) to participate as equals;
  • Developing useful guidelines to improve standards of patient care across the GTA;
  • Developing a robust, connected research and data collection platform.

Scope of authority

The GTA-OBS Network is a voluntary association of specialists for the purpose of shared learning, developing collective insight, advocacy and developing opportunities for collaborative research. The Network has no formal authority over its members or any of their affiliated institutions.  Guidelines developed by the Network are advisory, not binding. Membership is at will, and members may withdraw from the network at any time, however, membership reimbursements will not be given.

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