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Give to help us with our initiatives that engage pregnant women and those involved in their care in improving outcomes for mothers and babies

The Outcome Reporting in Obstetric Studies (OROS) Project engages pregnant women, family members, care providers, policy makers and researchers to determine what outcomes are important to them and how they should be measured in clinical studies. This is a vital step in improving outcomes for mothers and babies, especially when the pregnancy is considered ‘high-risk’. For details on what we do, visit our What We Do page.

We actively seek out grant funding in a highly competitive field to allow us to pursue our goals, but that does not always cover all the costs. This funding is not used for staff salaries, but goes to fund the cost of graduate and medical students doing the research fundamental to our work. It costs over $30,000 per year to educate a graduate student in the fundamentals of clinical research and engage with pregnant women to determine their priorities for health outcomes. Through this method, we are developing the Core Outcome Sets that we hope will become a fundamental component of medical decision-making and future research.

Donating can help us reach our goals in a timely way. We welcome any help to achieve those goals!

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